Happy Birthday

My Mom’s birthday is tomorrow and she will be 87. When I think about that fact, I am amazed that she has made it this far.

She has lived a long and wonderful life. I reminded her yesterday that her birthday was this Friday. She asked how old she was going to be and I reminded her she would be 87. “That can’t be”. Yes, Mom. “Boy I’m old”. Me, laughing.

When my dad died almost six years ago, I wan’t sure she would make it. It was very difficult for her on many levels. He was the alpha male, the dominant one in the relationship, very old school. They had been married four days shy of sixty years. Almost like an eternity. She was a very good wife and they made it through some very dark times. It is rare she doesn’t ask about him in some context. “Boy, I miss Russ”. I know in some aspects, he is watching over her and I hope he is happy with the way she is being taken care of. I miss his wisdom greatly. There are days I wonder if I have made the right choices with her care. I wish heaven had a once a year call were you could just check in, she how things are going. A miss you call. A tell me if I am doing the right things call.

I know time with her is limited, I think of that when she is not having such a good day. I try remember her past birthdays and her not wanting any gifts, but just to be together and to be with her family. Family is very important in times likes this. I am the same age today as my Mom was when she adopted me. 43. I also remember how important birthdays were to Mom and how she celebrated ours with joy. We were a gift to her. One that she and my Dad wanted for a very long time. She really has it turned around. She is our gift and has touched and blessed many lives.

I asked what she wanted for her birthday. She’d like to see me and bring Chinese. I think I can handle that.

Happy Birthday Mom…I love you.