My name is Jodi and I am a wife, mother, daughter, nurse, teacher/educator, and advocate.

My Mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease six years ago and together we have been on a journey. Some good, some not so good. She was/is the best mother a girl could ask for. The title is a reflection of her amazing skills at baking, Lemon Bars being her specialty. I am sure it was my sister-in-law, Wendy who gave her the Lemon Bar Queen title. She could make anything from scratch and her special dishes were rhubarb pie (or any kind of pies), homemade buns and doughnuts, duck and pheasant and anything from our Fron cookbook. She is a mother, was a sweet wife to my Dad, four days shy of 60 years, Sunday School teacher, Cook for Lutheran Social Services, sang in the Choir, avid reader, kept a beautiful garden and was master of pickling anything she grew in the garden. She is an amazing Grandma to two girls, named after her, Sophia Jeanne and Emme Marie. She has been a loving Mom to both my brother and I. We always knew we were loved.

My back ground in nursing is home care and hospice care. Every day I deal with some aspect of memory loss, if not my clients, my family and my Mom. I have dealt with many difficult situations and have experienced many situations of family dysfunction. Nursing has been my life for 22 years. I was a nursing assistant for four years, a LPN for four years and I have been a RN for the rest. I love my job, and the good moments out way the hard times.

I hope this blog helps you if you are in the same situation or if you need a friend to listen. I can’t give medical advice but hopefully I can guide you in your own life experiences.

Welcome to our journey…

Addendum: My mom passed away on May 6th, 2015. I still continue to write if a story moves me or I feel something is worthy. Thank you for all of your sweet messages. She is greatly missed. ❤️


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  1. I love that you are taking the time to point out all the positives. As with the career you listed, the good times loving someone with Alzheimer’s out weigh the bad. Reading posts like this are the necessary reminders we all need to keep us strong. Thank you Jodi.


  2. Jodi, thanks for coming to my blog. I hadn’t checked you out yet. Now I’m so glad I did. There’s another woman following Riding Bitch who is taking care of her mother with Alzheimer’s. Do you know her blog already? I have the utmost respect for hospice workers and caregivers. Kaz and I had an amazing experience with Trinity Hospice Care here in LA. It wasn’t until later that I realized not everyone has good experiences. I guess we were lucky. You sound like a wonderful nurse and your mother is so lucky to have you by her side. I’m looking forward to reading about your shared journey.


    • I found yours under grief, and I can relate on many levels. I’m sorry for your loss and glad to hear that hospice was a good experience. It’s hard on many levels, your grief, nurses trying to help and depending where everyone is at, a good outcome for all. You will relate to some of my recent posts. The Alzheimer Assoc has bugged me to start a blog from a nurse point of view. It’s been helpful for me. I’m lucky to have Mom, she is very loved by many. You are a gifted writer with beauty and soulfulness behind your words.


  3. I nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award today, July 1st. If you would like to accept, you can see the wonderfully sweet award on my July 1st entry, @ http://www.Ramblinann.com

    You have been an inspiration to me when things get rough. The cupcake award may not be as good as your mom would make, but it comes from the heart just the same.


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