The Happy Tomorrow

While I was organizing my desk in my home office, I looked on my board where I keep special notes. Many are from friends with words of encouragement, special pictures and notes that I treasure. As I was moving something I saw my dad’s special note to me, half hanging off the board.

It’s worn, stained and proof that it has moved with me over the years. When my dad would write to me, I could tell what kind of advice I would get by just opening the envelope. If he was disappointed or upset with me, he would hand write a letter in his blocked, neat as a pin hand writing. He would let me know something of great importance and made sure I knew his opinion. In all actuality, I most likely did a stupid thing and he was letting me know.

If I received a typewritten note, I knew that I was getting fatherly advice. I can picture him right now, setting at his very old typewriter with a steaming cup of coffee and a Pall Mall cigarette hanging half out of his mouth. I can see him with two fingers plunking at the keys, formulating a letter that would spell out his fatherly advice for me.

Many years after he died and we cleaned out Mom’s house, I looked for that typewriter. I knew it was in our attic but it was mistakenly thrown out. Besides his bowling trophy, that is one thing I wish I had of his. All those letters typed on that old and dusty, green antique.

Below is the letter he typed. I know what he was talking about. I was 23 years old at the time. I was not in a great relationship, working nights while I went to nursing school, tired, having car problems, worried about things I could not control and we had a screaming match on the phone one night. I was frustrated with him not understanding what I was going through.

And then came the letter in the mail. I could tell it was typewritten through the envelope, but still apprehensive opening it. Here is what it said:


Boy, do I miss him, even with his handwritten letters. It’s wonderful advice for the New Year 2017. Lets all have some happy tomorrows.



5 thoughts on “The Happy Tomorrow

  1. Thanks for sharing his wonderful letter!
    So glad you saved it. His advice remains solid & is a great reminder for all of us.


  2. Your Dad was a smart man. His words of advice are just as relevant today, they are the very same words I can say to my daughter as she goes through some tough stuff. Thank you for updating your blog and wishing you well in the new year.


  3. My, if I would’ve gotten a hand written letter every time I did something stupid I could’ve covered all my walls with them. I can still remember dad plunking away at those keys. Thanks god for computers with spell check now or I’d be in trouble.

    Another wonderfull story.



    • As much as I miss my mom, I miss my dad the same. They adopted me at an older age, 43, so I did get to get have them into their 80’s but they are greatly missed. My dad was very wise. Strict but loving. I love looking at that letter. So much wisdom typed on a single page.


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