The Doctor’s Visit

When I decided to write about Mom and our adventures, it was never my intention to be doom and gloom all of the time. The blog is just a glimmer of our life and the times we share. Good times or not so good times, we are a team and I learn many things along the way. Some days, I laugh until I hurt.

Wednesday was her check up with my doctor, whom I adore. She has not met Dr. W before and I was excited for her to meet her and for her to get her flu shot. It was also a day for us to get out and have some fun. As I was thinking about how her day went, I thought of some things that would maybe help you if you take your loved one in for a doctor appointment. Memory loss or not, I think they apply to any aging senior. Not in any particular order…

1. Always know where the bathrooms are located. If you are confused as to why, you will soon find out.

2. If you loved one makes a comment about a man her same age being a “skeleton”, its ok to move over a chair or two. You also might want to tell them to use a quieter voice when they announce this.

3. When checking your loved ones height, anticipate that they will argue over the shrinkage. “I’m not 4’10, I’m 5’4.” Maybe just let them know they are still 5’4. (I knew she seemed shorter to me!)

4. The same applies to the weight. Mom has gained a few pounds and disagreed with our assessment that she has gained. I want her to gain, but she is still in the mindset that “up a few pounds” is a tragedy.

5. Never let her sit on the high examining table, even if she wants to. That almost gave me a heart attack getting her down.

6. The nurse is never trying to kill you when taking your blood or checking your blood pressure. Even though you state it, I am a nurse and I know they really aren’t trying.

7. When the doctor asks you what you did for a living and you look at me blankly and grab my hand, you may need someone to also hold onto your hand, as well. Sigh.

8. Her labs came back yesterday and her blood was 100% coffee. Its a new lab value for Swedes.

9. It is always cold in the doctor’s office. Bring a sweater, jacket or try and turn up the heat on your own. Kidding!

10. When the doctor asks your loved one that is must be nice to be taken care of by your daughter and her response is “Which daughter?” knowing you are the only daughter. Do.Not.Let.It.Bring.You.Down.

Overall, it was a sweet day and Mom checked out fine. Can’t wait for the next appointment.